Thursday, August 14, 2008

Harry Potter sets

At the last proper NCLUG meeting, I mentioned that I might be willing to part with a few of my smaller Harry Potter sets - and there was a surprising amount of interest. Here's the list of sets, what they're going for on BrickLink, and links to the BrickLink Price Guide page for each set. All sets are as complete parts- and minifig-wise as they were at LEGOPalooza this past February. I'm not interested in going much lower than the lowest prices on BrickLink - I'll just keep them if I can't cash in :).

All of these items are being "auctioned". Send me your offers at - I will post the current high offers here once they start coming in.

In addition to the list below, I'm also looking to sell two sealed bags from 4709 Hogwart's Castle. I'm not sure what to offer as a price guideline there...they're probably worth at least $10 each - they have quite a few great tan parts, old greys and special bits. You can see the two bags side-by-side here and here.

4735 Slytherin BL:$12-$20 Box flap only (no instructions)

4727 Aragog in the Dark Forest BL:$10-$20 Both flap and instructions

4712 Troll on the Loose BL:$9.50-$12 Both flap and instructions

4701 Sorting Hat BL:$5-$10 No box flap or instructions

I'll be bringing all of these to Sunday's NCLUG meeting, where I figure a few of them will be wanted. Oh, and my usual BrickLink spiel's good there too...

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