Saturday, April 12, 2008

Things to Discuss with the LUG

This is more of a note-to-self kind of thing, but if any of these ideas catch your attention, feel free to comment.

List of things to discuss with the LUG:
  • 12-high stilts for town, DUPLO, PRIMO, and QUATRO versions of these - 5/15 - this will be joined by DUPLO characters!
  • Is NCLTC still around? Mike Walsh cleared this up.
  • Destroyer Droid parts (trade with Sandy) - apparently most of the parts Sandy wants that I did have extra of aren't available anymore. I hope this photo doesn't leak too much of the stuff I'd like to finish soon. I am taking roofing suggestions, though, if you have any. I suppose I'll also field a few questions after people do the inevitable zoom-in-and-spot-the-parts-and-ideas-game. - 5/15 - we completed the trade, as per the 5/9 post.
  • Are the tables at DGXPO really only going to be wide enough to hold just one 32x32 baseplate? That's going to make building a decent town a bit difficult. I misread the original announcement - that's 12 FEET by 30 inches, not 12 inches by 30 inches.
  • When is Joe Meno leaving us for WAMALUG? False alarm. Is Team Joe sitting out DGXPO for another event? - 5/15 - Brickworld.
  • Am I allowed to "cheat" and use non-LEGO parts in a group layout? I'm interested in using real panes of glass to build a large minifig-scale model (such as a shopping mall or European-style train station). Also, I have some suspicious looking 2x2 trans-dark-blue tiles that may or may not be clone-brand.
  • Is anybody else interested in doing Aquazone, Space, Pirates, Batman, Star Wars, Star Wars Technic Droids, Mindstorms (NXT or otherwise), Castle, Rock Raiders, or Great Ball Contraption at DGXPO? Since I'm going to miss a large chunk of the show day, I want to focus on stuff I know that other people are interested in doing (or perhaps arranging to split a table between two themes) so that my stuff still has an eye on it all day. Otherwise, I'll only bring in town stuff, Bionicle sets, and a stripped-down version of the history display (which reminds me, I still owe our visitor from last December an e-mail - and come to think of it, I owe the Apex FLL coach an e-mail still too.)
  • Does anyone have any of the sets/people from the LEGO ISLAND video game? That might be a nice theme tie-in. I could have sworn that I had a Brickster minifig, but I could only find a Brickster keychain when I actually went to look for him (of course, I could probably work that in anyway...but I don't actually have a police station for a town either - could we work in a way to put him in a helicopter above the town?)
  • We should plan on a one-table Bionicle display - I have enough sets to do a decent one (although I will also likely be parting out my largest Bionicle set into a town building, just to show off ways to make "stupid" parts useful).
  • The refurbished Keebler elf will have black shoes instead of brown ones. Deal with it.
  • When we say we're "booked" for a show, does that mean there's money involved? If so, who gets it? (Just curious - although I would love to make some money off of the hobby)
  • April meeting? (it looks like we're fishing for a location at the moment) I really ought to pick up the phone and see about booking a library.
  • Will there be a train yard at DGXPO? Who will build it? I kind of want to try some of the ideas out of the old train idea book (I like the crane and the automatic unloading in particular). Someday, I'd like to see about automated freight loading that makes a "normal" town secretly a giant Great Ball Contraption.
  • New slope bricks in Beach House set (visible in this photo - look closely at the difference in texture and the smudges on the 2x2s)
  • Alternate beach house platform (probably won't be used)
  • I have an extra chassis / remote combo from the first RC Racer set - I'd like to have this out for kids to play with at our events. Anyone want to build something on top of it?
I'll probably edit this as I think of other things / send e-mails to solve some of these. I did a big edit of this on April 26th, for example.`Another May 15th.