Monday, August 27, 2007

Intro Post

This is just a quick post to explain what this blog will be. This blog will be off-the-cuff just-get-the-ideas-out-there documentation of various projects I've done over the years. I will be including (as much as I can) every project I've done since I was little. My primary building material is LEGO® components, but I'll probably post some other stuff here too. I'll probably post some sort of creative commons licensing thing up here so that people can try these out without guilt.

Oh, and if I come up with anything truly brilliant, it's not getting posted up here. I'll only post stuff that is either A) only a good idea but not a marketable/great one or B) not an idea I can do anything else with (just because I don't have the time/money/resources to see something through doesn't mean that it should be lost in a drawer somewhere - I ought to pass along things I can't finish that may be of use to others). I don't believe in throwing things (or ideas) out (ever) - I think anything that can still be of use to somebody ought to be shared. Of course, with the LEGO projects, most of them will be disassembled and used for parts after I've gotten my ideas out. If I get really ambitious, I might even post some CAD files and instructions for things here - we'll see how it goes.

I suppose I'll post some opinions, updates on myself, etc, once in a while too, but only as they apply to the main content of this blog. I'm sure this will all sort itself out intuitively over time.