Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Train Idea Book

Here's a link to the infamous train idea book, cited both in the new issue of RailBricks and at the most recent NCLUG meeting. It's free to see at: http://peeron.com/scans/7777-1/

Did I mention that some of the ideas in there are awesome? Plenty of stuff in there that I'd like to try someday.

Of course, I'm currently stuck in a brutal heatwave with a broken air conditioner - so no building for me right now. It's anyone's guess whether or not I'll actually complete anything else in time for DGXPO now.

It's really starting to bug me that my "big" crazy idea for doing a town differently isn't going anywhere. We're still planning on doing it, but now it seems like a pretty big hassle for a very small payoff. The entire town has to be on stilts for a few of the worst MOCs I've ever built. That just feels wrong. I keep thinking I'll get a chance to build something decent for it, but at this rate...

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Steven said...

I'm lucky where I am, we broke the heatwave a day or so ago. BTW: since you are talking about your LEGO area - I am just this close to get my LEGO area set up and ready to build. Remember in my email where I got that huge, thick particle board table? I built it this past weekend and I got to get a metal rack built too to place all the many buckets and boxes so I can have the table free to build. I'm so glad I can start building soon - it will give me something to do in the summer!