Sunday, February 3, 2008

Post-Palooza Winding Down

Palooza ended today. I'll probably post pictures and some stuff about how many people were there in the next few days. If I get really ambitious, I might post some instructions and text from the history poster. I doubt I'll be able to squeeze much in before Thursday, though (plenty of "real" work to do).

A few important notes:

I checked against some photos that I took before leaving for Chapel Hill, and I do have the correct road plates now.

Carin's NCLUG sign is living at my house right now. I'll bring it to whatever the next NCLUG thing is. I'm hoping we'll be at a library or somewhere else where I've heard we "normally" are - it's hard to get as much LEGO talk in at a bar or restaurant.

I seem to be missing one piece of 9V cable that I borrowed from a Mindstorms kit. I'm hoping it will turn up once we all start unpacking things.

The Bionicle display was added on Sunday morning. I'd like to see about making this an "official" collaboration with the little kids - it's much easier to just ask them to stand the Bionicle things up and make the "good guys" fight the "bad guys". Besides, I still have no clue what the story lines are. They're just gearboxes with goofy things to me.

The photos I took of the packed boxes came out well, and I have about 60 good shots of the event (some from both days and the set-up on Friday). I'll try to have those up on Brickshelf sometime this week.

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