Sunday, May 25, 2008

LEGO Sets For Sale/Trade


I have a few sets I've bought recently that I'm looking to sell. I'm primarily looking to sell these locally, either to NCLUG members or to parents in NC who can pick these up at an NCLUG event (the plane in particular is more of a kid's set than a set I can use). We're hoping to have a meeting sometime in the next two weeks in the Raleigh area, and there will be a show at Wake Tech on June 20th and 21st.

There are three sets, listed below with links to info on them. I'm asking for half price on all three, and to be honest that's roughly what I paid on the two smaller sets, which are both still sealed in the box, never opened. The 7893 Passenger Plane has been previously opened, but the original owner never finished assembling it and all the parts are there (along with the box and instructions). The bag for part 3 of the model is still sealed. I went ahead and assembled part 1 and part 2 to verify that all the parts were there. Those parts are now partially assembled and in the box with the instructions. I did not apply any of the stickers, however, two of the stickers had previously been removed from the sticker sheet and placed properly on the steps leading up to the plane. The rest of the stickers are still on the sticker sheet.

Here's what I'd like for each of the sets:
$20 for 7893 Passenger Plane (lightly used condition, see above)
$5 for 7654 Droids Battle Pack (MINT condition)
$4 for 4750 Draco's Encounter with Buckbeak (MINT condition) claimed

I'm also open to trading these for other sets or parts - I'm always looking for basic bricks, useful special parts, and parts in special colors (light/dark greys, light/dark bleys, dark blue/red/orange/green, light blue/yellow/green, tan, orange...)

Although I am willing to ship these if someone really wants them and is willing to pay the shipping costs (this would likely involve buying special shipping boxes), I would really prefer to sell these locally instead.


Steven said...

I don't like the 7893 airplane. It's waayy too big, and it keeps falling apart with the tires on the belly of the plane, and I messed around with mine and it crashed several times. My Minifig Aviation Administration rules these planes are unsafe for minifigs.

In all seriousness, the plane just sucks because they made this plane so horribly and it can break easily.

There is a new Boeing airplane that is supposed to come out sometime this year and the airplane's chassis is like the Lego plane with the plane broken into different pieces. Then I wonder who came up with the design first, LEGO or Boeing. Then I also wonder how safe it is on the real one.

Dan said...

I hate the design too, but the little kids just love it. I'm kind of wishing that I had swapped contact info with the woman I met a few weeks back whose kid wanted it...that kid was just begging for the set and we were both going "but it's not a great set - the cockpit's one giant piece!". I'm hoping to pass it along to a parent who will be able to save the other $20 and then be able to use that money to buy something more exciting.

I wouldn't know about the tires, though - they're in the bag that still unopened.

I thought that that Boeing was already out? Maybe I'm confusing it with the Dreamliner. I've met a few Boeing employees and seen some of their CAD blueprints - the designs of the real planes are much better. Then again, I didn't look that closely...

Dan said...

Oh, and I'm sure you know about the scale issues with that and with the older 4-stud-wide fuselage planes already. I actually like the scale of the new one (it is a bit more realistic), but I agree that it's all wrong as far as fitting in an airport or with the runway plates.

Steven said...

I know that LEGO is trying to be more realistic, but this is going too far. Never mind the size of the plane is just under 2 feet by a foot an a half, thats way too big to place in a lego world, its a good coffee table object, and literally too. It was on my coffee table for a long time because I had no room to play with it because it was way too freggin big. Couldn't they go like 6 stud wide, more minifig scale and make more rounder elements? That would be much better. I would like to research in round elements and see how existing ones could make a better lego plane.

I meant the whole axel/back wheels thing. Landing that specific airplane is very hard because the wheels have to be in sync - the design was horrible. (I love sounding like an airplane pilot! :^P ) I can't really describe it, but it makes a point that technic and system elements shouldn't go together.

I haven't really followed the Dreamliner plane lately, but the way they described the design of the plane, it reminded me of the 7893. Hopefully their design in the real world is better than the lego world. I would be nervous flying in that plane.