Tuesday, March 23, 2010

(Recently Used) Programming Resources

I've been stashing bunches of URLs at work that I've found useful. Some of these I might want to refer to in a non-work context, but they're all based on stuff I've been working with lately (perl, Git, Bash, Cacti, Linux, etc). Nothing too earth-shattering, but very handy. Here's the current list:

Git - SVN Crash Course
Git Cheat Sheet

Pointers in Perl
Perl Regular Expressions
Perl Tutorial - Arrays
Perl File IO
Yubnub commands: perldoc, cpandoc

Vi (Don't use this often but frequently find myself in there and needto escape):
Vi Cheat Sheet
Simple Guide To VI / VIM

The .ssh/known_hosts file
Linux / Unix grep command help
Regular Expressions in grep
Show all running processes

How to Write a Shell Script
Bash Self-Extracting Script

Cacti Manual - CLI Scripts
Cacti Documentation

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